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About Me and The Website

I'm currently on Teen Mom 2 which is a documentary of young teenage mothers on MTV about the struggles and hardships of being teenage mothers. I also love to film myself and upload as much videos as myself and Jace as possible on my YouTube site. I live in North Carolina and have very big events coming up within this year. This is my first website so bare with me until I get the hang of it! I'll be updating on here rather then my fanpage on facebook.

Go to Photo Gallery to look at pictures I've recently taken. 

My real accounts? Check out the Accounts page.

My YouTube channel you can check out on this page.

And I occisanonlly get on UStream. This is a live video chat from my house in North Carolina. When I say I'm on UStream I will post it from my Twitter page.

I'll keep an online journal on my website under My Personal Blog.

Check out my newest page which is my LIVE Twitter feed, the things I have favorited, and what people are tweeting about Teen Mom 2.

I'm currently going to update my website within these next couple of days so LOTS will be update for you guys! :]